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Restoration and Sale of historical filling stations and accessories

Since the year 2000 the “Tankstelle” has been finding, restoring and selling historical petrol pumps and filling station accessories from the pre-war and post-war eras.

We bring back to life the forgotten pre-war brands of the twenties and thirties with their wide range of shapes and models. We also tend the wide range of filling stations and brands of the era between the fifties and seventies that many of us still know so well from our childhood.

Besides the procurement and restoration of historical petrol pumps and the matching oil can cabinets and oil cabinets we offer a lot of other items from the colourful world of all the historical services that surrounded the motor car, for example, oil glasses, oil pouring cans and oil cans, enamelled signs and historical promotional materials.

We look forward to being able to enrich your garage, collection or show room with a bit of industrial history.

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